Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mad Scientist

Our new town is rubbing off on Eli. We are surrounded by scientists of every kind. We have made friends with some older retired men in the ward and they are nuclear/mechanical/chemical engineers or physicists. When we have people over for dinner the first thing he wants to know is, "are you a scientist?" On Easter Sunday we had one man in his eighties over and he brought an all organic homemade pumpkin pie. There were alot of people and only one pie so naturally, I cut it into small slices. So the next day this was the e-mail he sent me.

" Millers, thank you for the lovely dinner. I was glad to see that you knew to cut the pie in 22.5 sectors so everyone had an equal piece."

This made me smile. He is so darling. So maybe I am smarter than I thought. It was instinct to cut the pie into 22.5 sectors. Way to go Annie! Tonight Eli declared,"I want to be a scientist. This is my science lab where I can do experiments. I want a microscope." Then he sat down and dabbled with his 3.00 electronics lab (thank you thrift store).

So we all gathered around to see the light bulb light up. He was using a butter knife conduct the electricity. For those of you who may need a little explanation here is what he explained to us. this is word for word.

"The magnetic photons go through the geraniums that go through the magtaniums which go to the drioxide cells and make the hydrolic figure go into the light and makes is light up."

There you have it folks, straight from the mad scientist himself. If you do not understand he will explain it when you are older.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandpa Steve! You Are Loved!!!

Sending you some lovin on your special day! Just a little word about Grandpa Steve. Last week he provided the lodging and the entertainment for 13 grandkids and eight adults, and he took us to Las Vegas. It was pretty crazy, but he was a great sport. Each grandchild thinks they are #1. He has a very special heart, able to love each one individually. These kids are sooo lucky they have a Grandpa Steve in their lives. Thanks for all you do and we hope your day was super! Lets play again our town.
Love, The Millers

You have always played like one of the kids. Even though you are getting older you still play with the children just the same. It's AWESOME!

Eli took this shot tonight of the Jemez. It looked like the mountain was ablaze.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Warming My Heart

Our week was great! We are finally enjoying a bit more warmish weather. The kids have enjoyed much outdoor time these last few days. More to come on their newest project.

This one is for the Grandpas. Look at her go.
Lutie Cutie warms my heart. She is enjoying learning how to play the violin.
All was quiet and I beagn to wonder.....This is what I found. My heart smiles when my children are in books. This was almost too much for me to take. Eli was nibbling in Mother Theresa, Lucy was studying/giggling at the paintings and sculptures in the Sistine Chapel, and Ezra was dreaming about The Lone Ranger and castles. Keep it up kids. The world is yours to discover!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference Celebrating...and other fun stuff!

Conference Weekend is a special time for our family. We missed our usual crew. The food, toenails, ultimate frisbee, late nights laughing, and lots of little people are some of the things we missed most. Although, I did have some yummies on hand. I made my own pitas and falafel from scratch. ALL of it YUM! This is my cute little stove. I feel like a true homemaker with my apron on. I feel I should wear heels and a dress when I cook. I've busted out some seriously yummy stuff lately. Little Lutie is a care-free girl. Watching her dance is a time to keep. I'm trying to capture her lively, spunky, free spirit. She's just dancing to the choir during conference. Love it girl!

We decided to pitcth our tent with the door to the prophet. The kids enjoyed watching from inside and of course sleeping in it. Little Eli, requested his 1st place trophee to be placed by his pillow. He slept with it. How cute you are

Lucy and Ezra set up a scrumptious little party. Sauerkraut, turbinado sugar, and water. These two have the most fun together. Their games are so magical and I wonder at what age I forgot how to play makebelieve. Mack's hand seems good to me.

Way to GO Eli! Above is a link to a youtube video of Eli wrestling at a tournament on April 2ND. He did not want to go because the tournament last week made him so nervous. But because he didn't want to disappoint his grandpas and Uncle Reed, he went and did great. DISCLAIMER: The video contains more that is necessary due to the fact that I cant edit the video. Also this was filmed by an excited father who was watching Eli directly and not paying attention to the camera..

Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Are Awesome Eli!

Hello Dad, Fila and Andrew. Hope you enjoy the new blog so you can see some of the things we are doing. We have enjoyed spending time on Sunday afternoons reading about our ancestors. My kids are so blessed to have such an amazing heritage. I love gettting to know these people. Thank you Grandma Miller for all your hard work. I am glad I have this history.

These are just a few of the Sunday pastimes we enjoy. Lucy is the conductor and organizer for the family orchestra. She turns on the electrical piano and assigns everyone an instrument. Ah... then they harmonize. Lincoln added a nice touch with the tamborine.

Eli is in the black and green. Eli takes 2nd place! He was so fun to watch. He wrestled two boys. The first he won scoring 9 to 1. The other boy pinned him after a hard fight. Wrestling has been a really fun new sport for him to experience. He is good at it too. Way to go champ! We love you.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Grand Opening

I came home one night to this fun party. Lincoln bolted a hammock to our wall above our bed. This has been the center for gathering and play. I love it! This is a time to keep.

We went to a fiber arts center and they let us weave, and spin. The kids loved it. Eli was good at it and to my suprise wants to become a member. They will let him come do the walking loom for only one dollar a day. Maybe he'll make me a rug.

Barrett and it should have been! Two brothers who look nothing alike. They remind us of B and L all over again.

Happy Birthday Drey!

We dedicate our new blog to you on your special day! Wishing you a happy 31st from the New Mexico Millers! Sure Do Love Ya!

Special thanks and dedication to Kaitlin Rolanda Harris for helping me! You are so great. We all know where I would be without you.